The Verve Experience

We pride ourselves on offering a product that transcends photography and delivers a fully immersive experience. Verve has committed to ensuring every customer touch point goes beyond expectations. The experience allows people to feel comfortable sharing themselves with their photographer so that their unique personality can be truly captured.



Simon came to Verve looking for radiant images to fill his home office with warmth and the presence of his beautiful daughters. It was important that the photos truly encapsulated their personality, character and love. Simon and his daughters shared a memorable day full of joy and laughter allowing our photographers to create pieces that reflected their special bond.



Baby and pregnancy


baby in hammock

You’re our number one priority from
the moment you call to book your session.

Our friendly diary team are here until 9pm most nights to
ensure we’re available to you.

Once your photography experience is booked we’ll organise a time for you to talk to one of our expert pre-session stylists. We’ll make sure you’ve had the perfect preparation for your session.

The pre-session consultation will help you find the perfect colours, clothing and items to make sure you’ve got everything
you need to help personalise your shoot.

They’ll also discuss your ideas around where you’d like to hang your artwork, colours in your home and things you enjoy.

All the information from your pre-session planning
will be shared with the photographer.
This gives your photographer the opportunity
to prepare amazing, unique concepts for your session.

We’ve had pets, guitars, pop-corn, coffee beans, surfboards, horses…all sorts of things make their way into our studios to really personalise your photography.

Each of our sessions are uniquely framed to fit your personality. It’s artwork, inspired by you.


Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.23.56 pm

From the comfort of your own home,
an optional Home Consultation offers
tailored pre-session and artwork advice with one of our expert stylists.