Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question below, please call us on 1300-0-VERVE. We’d be happy to help.

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How much do Verve products cost?

Everything produced at Verve Portraits is fully finished, framed or mounted in a unique variety of products. Prices start at $345 for a gift frame to over $3,000 for our largest single pieces of art. There is really something to suit everyone’s budget. Collections of Verve art, ready to hang on your wall range from approx $2,000 – $7,000. Most people utilise our “spread the cost” payment plan, which allows you to pay the investment off over a 6 or 12 month period.

Can I bring my pet to my studio session?

We have photographed dogs, cats, iguanas, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, horses, sheep, goats, snakes… If they are part of your family, then of course they are welcome.

Do you provide a service for our hair & make up?

No. Verve is about revealing the real you and celebrating it! We prefer you to come looking like yourself. Of course feel free to have your hair done if you want and make yourself up on the day if you prefer but we do not encourage anything that doesn’t look like you. Our talented photographers, retouch artists and studio lighting will ensure that you look your very best.

Are there any terms and conditions for the Verve Experience?

Yes, as with any great offer, there are a few terms and conditions attached. To view these conditions please click here.

Can I buy a Verve Portraits Gift Voucher?

Of course, call 1300-0-VERVE (83783) or click here.

Can you take portraits in my home?

All Verve photography sessions are conducted in our light and contemporary studios. Our clients don’t need their home environment to feel comfortable; our photographers are skilled at putting you at ease and we have created the perfect environment to photograph you looking your best.

Do you take traditional portraits too?

At Verve, we believe that still, lifeless and posed images are a thing of the past. We find that we get the most vibrant and emotional images by having our subjects interact with each other, instead of posing for the camera – a very different approach from traditional portrait photography.

How long will I wait to receive my Verve products?

You will view your images a few days after your photo session with us. This is where you will decide upon your favourites and order your Verve products. It takes around 5-8 weeks after your viewing for your products to be ready for collection. Our clients tell us it is worth the wait!

Do you photograph weddings?

As all of our photo sessions are conducted in our own studios, we do not photograph weddings, however a Verve Portrait Experience is a great way for a couple to mark the occasion with relaxed and spontaneous images that are completely different to the traditional posed images often taken at weddings.

Many brides actually bring in their wedding dress to capture the essence of the day in Verve style (without the stress!)

How many people can I bring to my photography session?

We love to photograph generation groups and have accommodated over 30 family members in one studio at one time. The more the merrier!




Can you come out to our office or do we have to come to the studio?

We specialize in studio photography, however for larger organizations requiring single head shots we are able to customize a quote to meet your objectives. Lighting is the most important part of an image. We find that studio lighting creates the most polished and controlled results for an image.

How many people can attend the shoot? Do they have to attend on the same day?

We have accommodated up to 60 people in the studio for individual and group shots. If preferred, we can also create separate bookings for smaller groups, which will ease the pressure on your business and meet individual staff needs or stagger appointments across the day.

Do you do standard corporate headshots?

Absolutely. We can provide you with as much or little creative output as required. We can also offer you a combination to ensure you maximise your time out of the office and in our studios.

How will the images be provided?

Generally we send out images through a file-sharing link which is easy to download. The images will be at least 200dpi (which is the resolution we print our wall art in) and generally at an A4 size in JPG format. If you require larger formats for a specific project, please let us know upfront and we will be happy to assist.

Can you provide low-resolution files suitable for social media?

As standard we provide a smaller version of each image in a separate folder labeled “Social” so you wont need to undertake any resizing before updating your LinkedIn profile or company social pages.

How many images do we take of each person?

Depending on your requirements we can tailor the amount of key images to suit you, but will provide you with at least 3 options for each staff member’s outfit or look to select from.

How long will the photo shoot take?

This is different for each client and depends on what your desired outcome is, and the size of your team. A business of 5 looking for headshots only might take 50-60 minutes with some group shots included, however a single entrepreneur starting their business might take 45 -60 minutes. For single headshots, allocating 10 minutes (approx) for each person is a good start. We will provide you with an estimate when we book your session.

How quick is the turnaround from start to finish? How soon can I get the images?

We will provide your images to you to view within 3 business days of your session. Your final order will be delivered within 5 business days. If you require your images earlier, please let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate where possible.

Do we offer hair and make up?

No. At Verve, we recommend that you come feeling comfortable and as you would if you were attending a presentation or important meeting. Our team of retouchers will make final amendments to your images ensuring the best quality for a professional, yet natural finish. For women, always ensure you bring your lipstick for any touch ups. We have a room in each studio that includes some basic touch up items such as hairspray if required.

What clothing do you recommend?

We recommend in keeping your clothing simple. Patterns tends to be quite distracting, unless of course colourful clothing is a part of your overall brand. A contrasting shirt always pops from under a strong, solid colour jacket. Make sure you bring a couple of jackets to give you the best options for choice when selecting your images.

Do you have any “props” in the studio?

We have tables, chairs and lamps we have used in some corporate sessions. We suggest bringing any items that make a key statement about your business. Drafting plans, paints, books, construction tools, anything that highlights your industry. Also, a chair with personality could be used as a common thread. These items can become a focal point and act as a real point of interest and differentiation. See how props have been used in other corporate sessions.

Can we shoot on different colour backgrounds?

We change our lighting to create black, grey or white backgrounds. We don’t have different coloured backgrounds, but we can make these changes in post-production if there’s a specific colour you require. Black, grey and white ensures the most flexible use for your images in the future and also creates a polished and professional feel.

Can we drop in a scene (backdrop) to the images?

Yes we can. Our Illustration team does this quite often. We need to know your requirements before your session to ensure our photographers shoot with this in mind. See examples.

Can I include my company logo?

Yes you can. Again, this is something we need to know before your session as our photographers shoot with any work in post-production in mind. You will need to provide your logo to us as a JPG or EPS prior to your session.

Illustration for business?

Illustration can be added to enhance images. Please advise us prior to your session on your creative requirements. We can put together a range of images for you to choose from and we specifically shoot for this outcome in mind during your session.  See examples.

Can I get a print of my image?

We offer a 15% discount to our Corporate clients on any wall art. These statement pieces are perfect for foyers, reception and boardrooms and a great way to give your clients a taste for your company’s culture and values. This type of artwork is also great for staff areas and internal meet rooms to keep your teams motivated. Some of our wall art options are featured here.

Can I get my headshots in black and white?

You certainly can. Generally we provide you with your images in colour and black and white as standard. There is a difference in converting images to “greyscale” from an original colour file. Verve standard black and white is highly contrasted, very punchy and modern. We recommend selecting Verve Black and White rather than converting your own images to “greyscale” at a later stage.

What retouching service do you offer?

We retouch all images prior to sending you the final files. Our standard retouching will soften lines, remove unexpected spots, stray hairs, chipped nails, etc. We always retouch to a natural level and if anything is required beyond this, please let us know. If requested, we can also lighten and remove chips from teeth or perhaps create a more flattering silhouette. Just let us know in advance.

I have purchased a smaller package, however I would like to upgrade.

You can upgrade to a larger package at any time through the process. When you see your images, you can opt to purchase some individually, or upgrade to a larger package. Ultimately, we will recommend the most cost effective option for you at the time.